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The Hyperloop is officially a (more) real thing! - Ghost Volta

I’m drooling all over myself right now. Elon Musk has released alpha design plans (above) for the long-teased Hyperloop! If you’re like me, you’ve anticipated new information about this high-speed transportation system for a verrrry long time and it’s finally here. As expected, Elon Musk unveiled the plans via Twitter and his Tesla...

2014 open source 2 article

Let's Talk Open Source: The Future of Technology - Ghost Volta

In the wake of another awesome Google I/O last week, I’m still reeling from all the great things Google is doing. From wearables to cardboard boxes, from TVs to modular phones, I’m super excited for what’s to come. One thing that I’m always incredibly passionate about is Android. If it...

Jolla aloe events article

An In-Depth Look at the Upcoming Jolla Smartphone - Ghost Volta

Independent Finland-based designer, developer and seller of smartphones Jolla Mobile (pronounced “Yola”) is all the buzz in the smartphone world since unveiling its first product on Monday and rightfully so! It’s a brand new concept from a brand new company with a deep focus on innovative design and intuitive functionality.

Humblebundle1 article

Staying Humble: Why Humble Bundle Is Important - Ghost Volta

Staying Humble: Why Humble Bundle Is Important - Gh...

Women in tech article

10 Awesome Women in Technology Right Now

Women in technology and science are seen few and far between in our mainstream media (although they exist everywhere in real life). In my research for this piece, I found tons of women doing incredible things and I thought I would bring a few to the forefront, leaning toward women doing philanthropic-type work with their skills.

Nuova immagine article

What's Appenin': Google Play Music All Access - Ghost Volta

It’s been a little over a week since Google presented All Access at Google I/O. For those of you that don’t know, Google Music All Access is Google’s brand new subscription-based music service. If you remember, Google listed four key aspects they hoped to convey with the new service: exploration, radio without rules, personalized recommendations, and blending your personal music collection with their collection seamlessly.

Gv22 article

GV Quicky for Friday, May 31st, 2013

Ghost Volta "Quickies" are video recaps of the current events of each day. In this video, I provided the designed the visuals using Sony Vegas Pro 12 and my partner, Molly Cushing, provided the audio. See the full video here:

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What's Appenin': Scoutmob - Ghost Volta

What’s Appenin’ is a weekly feature that highlights some pretty cool apps for all kinds of devices. We’ll discover some new apps and recall some of the greats from many different platforms. Check out our other What’s Appenin’s here. Scoutmob is an Atlanta-based (represent!) startup company that provides location-aware coupons to...