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3 Reasons Why Less is More in Modern Retail

With digital channels growing in influence and capability, are giant brick & mortar stores with hundreds of products really necessary? The technology available to us today says no.

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Retailers Don't Know They Already Have A Chief Experience Officer

The best way to achieve success with customer experience? Appoint a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) to make sure the customer is the top priority in every endeavor. There are 3 strategic imperatives to doing this.

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The Future of Physical Retail: Connected Stores

We see the future of physical retail thriving through the Connected Store model: small-format spaces with little to no inventory in-house and a digital infrastructure that informs and entertains shoppers.

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In-Store Engagement Metrics: The Digital to Physical Corollary

Store retailers can use in-store engagement metrics to measure success of in-store engagement to make conscious choices about how to improve their omnichannel experience.

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5 Online Brands We'd Love to See Move Into Physical Retail

We chose five online brands that we think have a strong handle on their e-commerce business in markets that are eager for innovation.

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Importance of Training the Sales Associate in an Omnichannel World

Store associates are the face of the physical environment and the first line of defense when it comes to establishing human connections that build trust and form relationships that drive customer lifetime value. Provide them with the tools and training they need to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience for each potential customer.

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Connected Store Spotlight: Story | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Think of the last beautiful magazine or catalog spread you saw. Perhaps you have a subscription and you’re sent a new one every month, always with something fresh and exciting to see. Now imagine taking that concept and inserting it into a retail store. That’s Story, where retail is media....

Why It's So Attractive for E-commerce Brands to Open Retail Stores | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

When e-commerce giants like Warby Parker, Bonobos, ModCloth, and even Amazon begin to open brick and mortar locations, you know there must be something to it. It’s a trend we’ve seen gain great traction over the last five years. And for good reason! Despite a downturn for many traditional retailers...

The Impact of In-Store Digital Experience on Online ROI | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Your physical stores can drive online sales through effective in-store experiences and remarketing. All you need is to collect the data in a meaningful way....

The Myth of Omnichannel Utopia | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Omnichannel isn’t just the future of retail; it’s happening right now. Your shoppers are already omnichannel shoppers and many retailers are beginning to stretch their limits to reach an ultimate omnichannel state. However, in a recent article on RIS News, Rob McGrorty of Webgility acknowledged what he called “the myth of...

Connected Store Spotlight: The Dandy Lab's Talking Shop | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

 The Dandy Lab's Talking Shop is a great example of a Connected Store that has made waves across the retail technology landscape....

Best Types of Digital Content for Retailers | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Best Types of Digital Content for Retailers...

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How Digital Is Powering The Future Of In-Store Remarketing | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

There are two main factors that will drive retailers to build out In-Store Remarketing programs....

3 Ways Small Format Experiences Are Changing The Department Store | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Department stores are sitting at the forefront of retail controversy, but many of them have stayed afloat despite the vastly changing landscape of retail. Even as store after store closes, the top retailers are getting smarter, leaner, more agile; making them a breeding ground for innovation. They’re always coming up...

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How to Digitally Engage Store Associates | Omni Channel Retail Strategy |

Here are four uses for digital in-store technologies that will engage and empower store associates on the front lines....